Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost more to book a vacation with you compared to booking it myself?

No.  In most cases we can get the same price or a lower price than what you can find on your own. We are constantly monitoring vacation specials and we may suggest a special that you would not be aware of otherwise. The travel suppliers we work with pay us our commissions, not you. 

Is our money safe when booking a vacation with you?

Yes.  We always recommend paying by credit card or debit card.  We then call in your credit card to the travel supplier, and they charge your card, not our agency.  For example, for Disney trips you will see a charge from Disney for your trip payments.

How can you make my vacation planning easier?

We can make suggestions to enhance your vacation.  We can book a 3rd party travel insurance, for example,  that is often lower in price and offers better coverage than policies offered by a cruise line or other travel supplier.  We can arrange private transfers and shore excursions.  We can make Disney World restaurant reservations.  The agent you work with is a one person contact for all the questions related to your vacation.  Let us take care of the details of your vacation planning!

Do you book airfare?

We can book air as part of an air/hotel package.  For Hawaii trips, for example, we frequently have access to air/hotel packages where the package price is less than if you booked the air and hotel separately.  For cruises, we often recommend our clients book their own airfare as the price they can get is usually lower than what the cruise line offers.  We are not licensed to book airfare by itself.

What if there is a problem on my trip – can you help?

We have contacts with all of the travel suppliers we work with to help resolve complaints.  As your advocate, we have been successful in the past in getting issues resolved.

Do you arrange group travel?

Yes.  We have booked groups on various cruise lines, for all inclusive resorts, and for other destinations.

Why do you call yourselves the Family Travel Gurus?

We’ve been there.  We have extensive travel experience with our own families, with children ranging in age from infant to teen.  We also have planned special “adults only” getaways for many clients.  Like any travel agent, we haven’t been everywhere.  For destinations we are not as familiar with we are part of a travel agent network of over 4,000 agents which we rely on for expert recommendations.


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