Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany

by Tim Larison

Oberammergau One interesting part of being a travel agent is that you learn about places and events you were not aware of previously.  I recently had this experience when I interviewed Shannon Stitt of Collette Vacations for our website.  Shannon told me about the Oberammergau Passion Play.  “(This event) is truly once in a lifetime event,” said Shannon.  “The play performance dates back to 1634.  During the Thirty year War, the village of Oberammergau was spared the black plaque and for this reason, the villagers vowed that every ten years they would give a play to honor the live of Christ.  The Performers are native Oberammergauers.”

In reading more about the play I learned that the performance is SEVEN hours with a meal at the intermission.  Collette Vacations offers a variety of packages to see the play, as well as other tours around the World. Read our complete interview with Shannon here

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