Susan’s Oceania Tahiti/French Polynesia Cruise (January 2015)

tahitiThanks to our client Susan for submitting the above picture and her comments on her and her husband’s Oceania cruise to Tahiti/French Polynesia.  We asked how this cruise compared to their past Disney cruises they had booked with us.

We liked Oceania, but felt they were a little too strict in their dress guidelines. (They weren’t guidelines – they were absolutes). Also, we missed the fast food options. Even the Waves Grill had waiters bring you your food on plates. We resorted to room service just to get sandwiches. The food was very good and we liked that they served smaller portion sizes. The excursion experience was comparable. We liked that we didn’t have to pay extra for the coffee specials and we loved the chairs in the library. I also liked going to the boardroom and working on whatever jigsaw puzzle was laid out. The cooking classes were well done also. Missed the free morning cooking demos that are on Disney. We didn’t go to any of the entertainment. There were only 2 children on the entire cruise. Rooms were comparable. Tips were much less (only $150 per person for the entire 10 night cruise plus 18% on alcohol). Wine package was pricier. The entire cruise was more expensive, but it did include air fare. They charted the planes to and from LAX so we were flying with our cruise mates also.

We loved Tahiti and French Polynesia!

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