Murder Mystery Dinner Show Review (Freedom of the Seas)

Thanks to our client Chris from Georgia for this review of Royal Caribbean’s Murder Mystery Dinner Show (featured on the Freedom of the Seas and other ships):

The Murder Mystery dinner show was on embarkation night.  Like most land-based mystery dinner show, this one was cheesy and played for laughs.  And succeeds.  The cast is made up of ship singers and dancers, and some of them are much better at singing and dancing than they are at acting.  That was part of the fun, though.  We met in the Star Lounge, where champagne was available, and the characters were all introduced.  The setting was a high school 10 year reunion, and the stereotypical high school types were all there.  We were then shepherded in groups (to keep us from getting lost?  LOL) up to Giovanni’s on deck 11, across the pool deck in 50 mph winds.  The acts of the play take place in between courses of dinner and at the end we all vote on whodunnit and the motive.

The food was excellent–not the full Giovanni’s menu, but antipasti, Italian bread, choice of soup (supposed to be minestrone, but because the ship was moving so much it was switched to a clear vegetable soup to spare our clothes) or caesar salad, choice of filet mignon or tiger shrimp for the main course, and a tiramisu-type dessert.  And a choice of red or white wine, liberally poured.  The food was excellent!!  In our opinions, the whole experience was well worth the extra charge.

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