Why book an on site Disney World resort? Disney’s musical answer!

Disney has come out with a fun singing video for why you should stay on site at Disney World (see below)

We agree!  Our first visit to Disney World with our twins (at age 4) was at an offsite resort.  Now there are some very good offsite resorts we can book for you but our initial experience was not at one of those!  After that trip we decided to stay on the Disney World property for all of our subsequent visits and it worked out great!  We especially liked the convenience of taking afternoon breaks back at our Disney World resort with the Disney transportation rather than having to drive offsite.

In addition to all the benefits of staying at a Disney World resort, book your Disney Vacation with us and we can add even more!  We charge no extra fees and we can make your dining reservations, give you additional tips, and more.  We ourselves have stayed in over 20 Disney World area resorts.  Contact us for more details.

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