Good Value Buffets in Las Vegas (January 2017)

Good Value Buffets in Las Vegas

by Tim Larison

with contributions from Anne and Josh Larison


On a recent trip to Las Vegas we discovered a value dining option.  For $35.99 per person on a weekday ($39.99 on the weekend) you can eat all you want, all day, in the Excalibur and Luxor buffets!  The price of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet purchased separately is over $60 for the same buffets.  The all day pass is a good deal!



We had dined at the Excalibur buffet (simply called “The Buffet”) several years ago and it was average at best.  On this trip we found the buffet has been renovated, with a very nice seating area and plenty of options, like the ethnic food areas shown above (Asian, Latin, and not shown are Italian, Mexican, and others with a large dessert section)

We thought the food quality was greatly improved, too.


Breakfast was a good option at the Excalibur buffet.  I liked the made to order omelet station here.


For variety we dined at the More Buffet next door at the Luxor for lunch.  We have found the Luxor buffet not to be crowded in the times we have eaten there.  It is on the lower level below the casino floor.  I particularly liked the large salad bar here, and the food quality was again very good.


The More Buffet at the Luxor, like that at the Excalibur, had several ethnic food sections and a wide variety to choose from.

For dinner we were back to the Excalibur buffet with lots of delicious choices and a good dessert selection.  We had a late night snack, shortly before the Excalibur buffet closed at 10 pm, to round out our all day feasting at these two buffets.

Are the Excalibur and Luxor buffets of the same quality as the mega buffets at the Bellagio or Caesars?  No, but those buffets cost almost twice as much.  If you are looking for a good value, and plenty of tasty food to eat, try the all day pass at the Excalibur and Luxor buffets.

Anne says:

Las Vegas has become a foodie heaven. There are many new restaurants and all the celebrity chefs offer a different dining experience. The all-day buffet is an alternative to the expensive restaurants. This dining option serves its purpose to provide good food at a reasonable cost.

Josh says:

The all day buffet pass is definitely a great value if you plan to stay near the luxor/excalibur hotels for a whole day.  There was a variety of different ethnic foods at both buffets, including a pretty simple taco bar with ground beef, carving station, asian cuisine, and seafood.  On the weekend the cafes had more of a seafood selection with crab legs and shellfish while on a weekday it looked like they only served unpeeled shrimp.  Both buffets are not the most luxurious in the world but they are a bargain when compared to other food options in Las Vegas.

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