Leah’s Disney Wonder Alaska cruise (June 2017)

dcl alaska

Thanks to our client Leah from California on sharing her family of 3’s experience on a Disney Alaska cruise.

First, the trip overall was absolutely brilliant!  We could not have asked for a better experience.

Second, our stateroom was great.  Our host was awesome!  His name was Maurice, which was perfect for our Disney cruise!  The beds are higher which allows for those large suitcases.  Isabella slept on the pull-down bed, which she loved.  We loved it also because it gave us the couch to sit on or to have more storage for other things.  We shopped A LOT during our trip and needed the extra space.  We also appreciated the separated bathrooms!  Such a plus when you have more than two people staying in a room.  However, I could not even imagine adding one more adult to that room (a 4th adult).  Had my daughter been able to go with us, we would have been WAY too cramped.  That is something we shall consider if we ever take the kids again on another cruise.  We would probably have to add an additional stateroom just for space purposes.

Third, our shore excursion.  Oh my goodness, Tim, this was amazing!!! I cannot say enough about it.  We took the Glacier tour/zip lining adventure in Juneau.  The tour was self-guided and it was okay.  This was the least exciting part of that day.  The zip lining was incredible.  I could seriously write so much about this.  Our guides were great!  We got pictures with them and we did end up buying the photo package of our experience.  It was a little expensive, $30, but we got a cool USB/clip that it came with, so that was a bonus.  We got to warm up with blueberry tea up in the trees.  We also got to make S’mores after we went az throwing!  The excursion came with a lot of fun activities for the price.  I would definitely recommend it.

Overall, our cruise was phenomenal.  We could not have asked for a better trip.  Everything went so smoothly and we were comfortable the entire time!  Thank you again for all your help and we look forward to sailing again with you!  :)

If you would like to sail in Alaska we are glad to help, like we did for Leah’s family!  Contact us for details.

Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line.

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